Moving relaxed through the "change"

The life phases of a woman growing from a young girl during puberty, into a companion and lover, becoming a mother and finaly a wise matron is like surfing on waves in the sea, it is never just a smooth ride.

The transition into a new phase of life is always accompanied by change. 

The transformation

The transition into the last stage of a women life is for many not so easy. Hot flashes, mood swings and weight gain are common complaints. Experience reports suggest that women who had little or no symptoms during their menstruation years show similar behavior during Menopause.


How do you experience or how did you experience your menstruation? Tension-free and pain-free? Or was your moon time always accompanied by pain and discomfort? Was that also the case with your Mother and Grandma? If we recognize the negative patterns, we can change them. The YinTAO exercises offer you valuable support in this time of change.

Explore you ancestral line

It is not just our genetic structure, but also the behavior and imprint of our ancestors that we carry into our lives. To become aware of this behavior and to be abel to change it, we should listen to the stories - especially those, nobody in the family talks about. Perhaps you are the first in the family structure that dares to invite pleasure and sensuality into their live.

YinTAO for women on the way

Every woman needs support on her way. The ancient Taoist methods of healing body, mind and spirit may also be a way for you to find more relaxation in everyday life, good health, well-being and happiness in your life.